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Ultimate ABS Stimulator

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*Low Stock Alert* Get Your Ultimate Abs Stimulator Now & Save 70%

This professional workout gear is made to tone, strengthen, and tighten your muscles, to create more function and gain a better figure.

It’s the perfect complement to boost your results without doing unnecessary work. The Ultimate Abs Stimulator does all the work for you.

How it works:

It uses a system called EMS (electrical muscle stimulation). This system uses safe electromagnetic pulses sent directly to your muscles to stimulate contraction and extension movements, exactly like a regular workout.


EASY TO USE. Simply attach the pad to the area of your body you want to stimulate and let it run for 30 minutes.

SAVES TIME. Using it for 30 minutes is the equivalent of a two hour workout for that muscle group.

BOOSTS RESULTS WITHOUT EXTRA EFFORT. You can use it during other daily activities, letting it work while you do other things without spending extra energy on unnecessary training.


    • 4-level intensity to upgrade your sessions once you progress after each level
    • 5 different modes: scraping, massage, acupuncture, tapping, combination.
    • Battery Operated - AAA batteries - not included.
    • Frequency: 20Hz ± 10%

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    Pick the Package that Suits Your Needs:

    1 unit set. Package includes:  

    • 1x Abdominal patch & 1x Host

    3 units set for full body workout (BEST DEAL). Package includes:  

    • 1x Abdominal patch & 1x Host
    • 2x Arm patch & 2x Host

    *Low Stock Alert* Get Your Ultimate Abs Stimulator Now & Save 70%




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